Applying Petroleum Knowledge To The World

A few words about APTAPB...

The Applied Petroleum Technology Academy ("APTA") is a non-profit organization created to teach energy companies how to apply cost-effective technology in order to extend the lives of aging oil and gas fields around the world. APTA's mission statement is simple:

"Provide practical training of oilfield practices in a mature oilfield environment emphasizing cost savings with ample opportunity for field visitation and research."

CO2 & ROZ School

    Recent Schools

  • Steamboat Springs, Co
    Aug'16 (4 Days)
  • Midland, Tx
    Jan'16 (4 Days)
    *Included a fieldtrip
  • Beijing, Ch
    Oct'13 (5 Days)

Residual Oil Zone Interviews

  • Intro
  • David Mohrbacher
  • Steve Melzer
  • Vello Kuuskraa

Residual Oil Zone Animations

  • Residual Oil Zone Type 1
  • Residual Oil Zone Type 2
  • Residual Oil Zone Type 3

Residual Oil Zone Interviews

APTAPB and associates has begun the process of bringing a series of ideal exchange videos to the general public. The intent of these videos is to encourage better practice and information exchange throughout the industry.

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